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Ace Venture Enterprise has years of experience in supplying the most sought after Plastic Poultry Transport Cage in the Poultry Industry. Our economical & durable Plastic Poultry Transport Cage is suitable for containing and transporting live poultry animals on a road-transport truck; the plastic poultry cages can be stacked upright on the truck, with live poultry contained therein.

For farms and slaughterhouse, it is so much easier for transport contractors to carry chicken, birds, rabbits, pigeons, pheasants and other live poultry for long-distance transport. The well ventilated cage has an enlarged push-pull opening on the top for insertion and withdrawal convenience of poultry animals from the cage; most importantly it helps to reduce likelihood of injury to the poultry.

Our Product

Our cage is light (easy to move), strong resistance to impact abrasion, acid and alkali, easy to clean and disinfect, durable, good air permeability and ventilation; the individual cage is a sturdy, stand-alone, self-locking assembled without screw fastening, easy disassembly & self-contained structure.

The cage has an enlarged push-pull opening in the top for convenient insertion and withdrawal of poultry into and from the cage. A single-box could load more than 50kg and can fit about 10-12 of live chicken. It could stack 9-10 layers during transport; rectangular body structure is conducive to loading & unloading to improve work efficiency.

Product Specification
  • Weight: 8 kg (approximation)
  • Static Stacking: 500 kg unified load
  • Size: 915mm x 510mm x 305mm (L x W x H)
  • 20ft container can accomodate 600 cages
  • 40ft (high cube) container can accomodate 1580 cages

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